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In 2022/2023 the artist Marzia Migliora is part of the artist residency program activated by the MAO.

In her artistic endeavours, Marzia Migliora uses a wide range of media including photography, video, sound, performance, installations and drawing. Her works have their origin in a deep concern for the individual and for his daily life; the themes that recur in her research are memory as a tool for articulating the present or the analysis of labour as affirmation of a participation in the social sphere. The result is a composite work able to nourish a shared experience, a strong emotional and intellectual involvement in the audience.

As a space for experimentation and a place for expanding the meanings of the permanent collections, the museum has invited Marzia Migliora to confront the works guarded in the deposits. Starting from some ritual objects and sculptures, invisible to the public since they are not currently on display in the galleries, the artist has created a series of frottage on paper rolls.

The concept of work that I am creating is a metaphorical and viable bridge between the collections conserved at the MAO and the contemporary world, in an attempt to re-read the relationship between cultures. My idea is to create a narrative in which imaginaries of different nature, era, culture, social, political, economic and religious context coexist in a single environment."
Marzia Migliora

The frottages are the matrix for the creation of a textile work that will be installed at MAO on the occasion of Artissima 2023.

"The creative collaboration between Marzia Migliora and Giovanni Bonotto, within the framework of a museum planning that sees the artist's gaze and action, Bonotto's hand and head and the collection as a material of creation, takes the MAO into a virtuousand generousdimension of artistic production. The #maotempopresente has precisely the purpose of bringing the contemporaneity of know-how into the museum, thus creating interpretations and narrative functions that speak to the present: all of history as a gaze of today."
Davide Quadrio, MAO Director.

The tapestry is created by Marzia Migliora with Giovanni Bonotto as part of the A Collection project for the MAO.

More details to follow.


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