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Museum access

Admission to the Museum is free for people with disabilities and their chaperon. Ticket costs may vary during temporary exhibitions.

The main entrance to the Museum can be accessed by individuals with physical disabilities. We also lend free wheelchairs.
The entrance doors can be pulled opened manually. Emergency exits are also available: on the ground floor the emergency exits are accessible to the physically disabled.

The Museum also offers an elevator, with floor numbers in braille on all buttons.
On the ground floor, visitors can access the multipurpose space thanks to a lift.
Restrooms are equipped to accommodate visitors with disabilities.

Disabled individuals

MAO, attentive to issues relating to museum inclusion and accessibility, offers activities with tours and workshops for groups made up of the blind or partially sighted and visitors with mental disabilities.
These activities are designed and led by the staff of the Museum’s Education Department, catering to the needs and specificities of each single group.

Web accessibility

The design and realization of the Fondazione Torino Musei web sites followed the guidelines established by law no. 4, January 9, 2004, which determines regulations to favor access to computerized services on the part of the disabled.

In particular, indications regarding accessibility made available by the W3C have been followed.

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