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Palazzo Mazzonis – esterno 3

Getting here

How to reach MAO

MAO Museo d'Arte Orientale

Via San Domenico, 11
10122 Turin


Palazzo Mazzonis, which houses the Museum, is located in the historic center of Turin.
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The MAO can be reached from the train stations:

ON FOOT: across the city centre, approximately 1.8 km from Porta Nuova and 1.3 km from Porta Susa.
BY BUS: Star 2 from Porta Susa; bus 52 or 11 or tram 4 from Porta Nuova.
BY CAR: If you are driving be aware of traffic restrictions in the Museum neighbourhood. Check the city of Torino website or Turismo Torino for further information.

Charges are applied for all parking facilities near the Museum: street parking is marked by blue stripes in the ZTL (restricted traffic) area. Underground car parks are available in Piazza Castello, Piazza Emanuele Filiberto, Santo Stefano near Porte Palatine or there is a gated parking facility in Piazza Albarello.

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Opening hours

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Reservations and guided tours