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Tradu/izioni d’Eurasia Reloaded

On 12 April, MAO is unveiling the refurbishment of Tradu/izioni d’Eurasia, an exhibition that tells the fascinating story of the journey of art, culture, traditions and language from East Asia to the Mediterranean basin (and back) through a new, well-chosen selection of pottery, textiles, metalwork and manuscripts.

Like Marco Polo, people travelled along the caravan routes that connected Asia and Europe across thousands of years. Travelling alongside with them were ideas, motifs and knowledge, an entire migrating heritage – material and immaterial – that put down roots everywhere it arrived through a steadfast process of adaptation.
Tradu/izioni d’Eurasia tells this story, a tale made up of connections, influences and betrayals: it is our story, a narrative that unites far-flung corners of the Eurasian continent more than we are inclined to believe and shows that the concept of ‘border’ has always been illusory and arbitrary.


Contemporary Monogatari

Contemporary Monogatari: new japanese narratives,which opens to the public on 13 December, is curated by the museum’s director, Davide Quadrio, and the MAO staff and was realised in close collaboration with the director of the Museo Madre, Naples, Eva Fabbris. The exhibition explores the artistic practice of Kazuko Miyamoto in dialogue with the spaces and works on view on the second floor of MAO’s Japanese Gallery.In this exhibition, the present infiltrates a constellation made up of objects from the past that, thanks to this cross-influence, find new life and new possible meanings.