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Palazzo Mazzonis – esterno 3

Press Area


Contemporary Monogatari

Contemporary Monogatari: new japanese narratives,which opens to the public on 13 December, is curated by the museum’s director, Davide Quadrio, and the MAO staff and was realised in close collaboration with the director of the Museo Madre, Naples, Eva Fabbris. The exhibition explores the artistic practice of Kazuko Miyamoto in dialogue with the spaces and works on view on the second floor of MAO’s Japanese Gallery.In this exhibition, the present infiltrates a constellation made up of objects from the past that, thanks to this cross-influence, find new life and new possible meanings.


Trad u/i zioni d’Eurasia

The exhibition Trad u/I zioni d’Eurasia explores the concepts of cultural translation, transposition and interpretation through a selection of objects from West, Central and East Asia that raise questions about material and immaterial circulation, ways of transforming meaning and use in Asia and Europe across two thousand years of history.

Investigating the migration of ideas, forms, techniques and symbols in an open, inclusive dilogue, the exhibition aims to highlight the osmotic reciprocity between continents and seas, to create new narratives for visual and material culture that are specific and relative rather than universalising and generic.