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True education is that which draws out and stimulates the spiritual, mental, and physical faculties of children.” This is what Gandhi taught, as he believed in a child’s fundamental unity throughout the growth process.
The staff at the Museum’s Education Department designs and leads activities with tours of the collections and temporary exhibitions as well as workshops, aimed at schools of all types and grades, families, adults, with special attention to accessibility and inclusion.
The multidisciplinary permanent collections and temporary exhibitions allow the Museum to satisfy all kinds of interests, while workshops, which also include the use of uncustomary material, allow participants to have fun with their senses, creativity, and different abilities, thus allowing the Museum and its contents to be more active, complete, and meaningful.

Alongside visits and workshops, the Museum also offers initiatives in collaboration with the community of new citizens, training, and special projects intended for schools and learning institutions of all kinds or for specific audiences.



From Islamic countries in Asia to Japan, from the Himalayas to Southeast Asia, across millennia of history, the MAO collections narrate some of the most important cultural and artistic traditions of Asia. The art, history, religion, philosophy, and material culture interweave behind and within the works on exhibit, from a multidisciplinary and intercultural perspective.


Summer camps

MAO Museo d’Arte Orientale offers activities for Summer Camps with tours and workshops, designed and led by the Museum’s Education Department. Children and adolescents in small groups can have a pleasant experience at the Museum.



Activities for families, birthdays at the Museum, and many other family opportunities at MAO are available.



To further explore contents and topics related to the collections and temporary exhibitions, the Museum also offers a calendar of guided tours while a rich events schedule—from workshops to conferences and performances—accompanies visitors as they discover the millenary arts and disciplines in dialogue with the works.


Training and universities

Events dedicated to teachers and collaborations with schools and universities.

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Projects for inclusion and accessibility

MAO, attentive to issues relating to museum inclusion and accessibility, offers activities with tours and workshops for groups made up of the blind or partially sighted and visitors with mental disabilities.
These activities are designed and led by the staff of the Museum’s Education Department, catering to the needs and specificities of each single group.


Special projects

The Special Projects section gathers activities and projects that involve different kinds of visitors, experimentation, and co-planning open to different languages, born to encourage new and different ways of using, enjoying, and sharing heritage.

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