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  • 6 May 2022 - 4 September 2022

On May 6, the opening day of the exhibition, in Salone Mazzonis artist Marcos Lutyens will lead “Blue Lion Induction”, a meditation that will take visitors through a hypnotic journey beyond words. Marcos Lutyens is an artist and hypnotist and his performances are sessions of collective hypnosis, which lead visitors first into a profound meditative state and then into an imaginary world, where the indications of his voice are integrated with memories, expectations, dreams. The hypnotic induction at the MAO is conducted in the presence of a Manjusri sculpture, the bodhisattva associated with prajna (wisdom) in Mahayana Buddhism. Music, scent and the intent to tame the mind through evocative words accompany the visitor on a journey towards a universal vision in the continuity of infinity.

On the occasion of the Eurovision Song Contest, on May 13 and 15, Vittorio Montalti and pianist Gloria Campaner will give a world premiere performance of the musical composition “The Great Void”. The performances will be recorded live and will be broadcasted at the entrance of the museum as a sound installation for the duration of the exhibition. During the performances, Gloria Campaner will wear a sculpture created by the artist Maurizio Anzeri.

On May 28 films The Reincarnation of Khensur Rinpoche and The Thread of Karma, by Tibetan directors Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam, will be screened respectively at 4.30 pm and at 6.30 pm, while Some Questions on the Nature of Your Existence will be shown for the duration of the exhibition.

From June 21 to 24, artist Chrysanne Stathacos will be a guest of the museum and will create a mandala of mirrors and roses with the performance "Blowing roses."


The Great Void exhibition is complemented by a rich musical program curated by Davide Quadrio, Chiara Lee & Freddie Murphy.

Impressionistic soundscapes, acoustic meditations, tradition and innovation... The contemporary sound space of Yeong Die, Li Yilei, Amosphère, Hatis Noit and KyoShinDo confronts and reflects on transience, repetition as transformation, the relationship between a part and its whole, the intersection between absence and presence. Declined in different ways, the sound represents each time a new beginning, the confirmation of a wholeness that fills, an emptiness that welcomes.


Single event: 15 € | Special card for 5 concerts: 60 € ( 40 € for Abbonamento Musei Card owners).
Reduced tickets available for students: 10 € single event - 5 concerts: 40 € 
Tickets available at the museum ticket office. Admission to the exhibition The Great Void included.


May 17 6.30 pm | Yeong Die

Ambient with a pop sensibility, with a wink to IDM.
Yeong Die is a central figure in Seoul's thriving music scene, characterized by a fresh and irreverent approach to the world of experimental music. This shines through in his collaborations with Yetsuby and Uman Therma (two other key players in this scene) for the Computer Music Club series as well as in her solo works. Her latest album "Weather Z" (Psychic Liberation, 2021) is a reflection on the inevitability of climate change in which she paints impressionistic soundscapes, emotional glimpses of a world that remains beautiful despite being ever closer to the end.

June 1 6.30 pm | Hatis Noit
Transcendental Vocal Interpretation.
A Japanese singer originally from Hokkaido, Hatis Noit is strongly influenced by Gagaku (Japanese classical music), as well as various opera styles, Bulgarian and Gregorian chants, and avant-garde and pop music. At the age of 16, during a trip to Nepal to the birthplace of the Buddha, he realized that singing was his calling. While staying in a temple, Hatis Noit heard a nun singing, and the sound moved her so intensely that she immediately realized the visceral power of the human voice: a primal, instinctive instrument that connects us to the very essence of humanity, nature and our universe. The name Hatis Noit is taken from Japanese folklore and means the stem of the lotus flower. In Japanese tradition, the lotus represents the world of the living, while its root is the world of spirits; Hatis Noit is therefore what connects the two.

June 30 6.30 pm | Amosphère
Between analog synthesizers and contemporary digital technology.
Amosphère is a Chinese composer and visual artist based in Paris. Her work questions time, space, cosmology, the natural environment, human perception and the psycho-physical effects of sound. Her latest record 'More Die of Heartbreak (更多的人死于心碎)', (33-33 Label, 2022) invites listeners into a meditative sonic space where time expands and contracts, simplicity reveals complexity and repetition becomes transformation. Her works have been presented at IRCAM in Paris, Somerset House Studio in London and Mutant Promise/EBM(T) in Tokyo, among others.

July 13 6.30 pm | Li Yilei
Poetic Ambient Meditation.
A London-based non-binaryə Chinese artist, Li Yilei works between performance, music, theater, sculpture, and installation. Raised by a Buddhist nun, their work is strongly influenced by the ideologies of emptiness, zen and transience. Their latest album "之 " (Métron Records, 2021) is based on the temporal relationship between experience and surroundings and is strongly inspired by the art and poems of the Song era. Their work has been presented in museums, concert halls and international festivals. They are co-founder of NON-DUAL, an art collective based in Asia and the UK, working to give visibility to ethnic minority artists.

4 September 6.30 pm | KyoShinDo
Contemporary Taiko.
Members of the KyoShinDo collective have been practicing the study of Japanese taiko percussion and traditional Japanese arts at the KyoShinDo Taiko Dojo located in the heights of the Ligurian Apennines since 2004. KyoShinDo has a very unique approach to the art of taiko. Incorporating karate into this already spectacular performance art, it reworks the traditional style into an innovative form through cutting-edge rhythms, pushing the limits of taiko into a new and contemporary context. Builders of the drums they play, they have participated in numerous festivals and events in Italy, Japan, Germany, France, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Malta.


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