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  • External Exhibition
  • 5 May 2023 - 3 September 2023

site-specific sound installation by Shigeru Ishihara curated by Chiara Lee and freddie Murphy

During his artistic residency at MAO, sound artist Shigeru Ishihara reworked a series of sound sources recorded in Japan on the occasion of Buddhist and Shinto folk festivals. Inspired by the ritual that permeates the temporary exhibition Buddha10, the artist acoustically explored the galleries of the museum, rearranging the tracks previously composed by him. By exploting the natural reverberations that characterise the museum, Ishihara creates a sound experiment capable of simultaneously extracting and abstracting the essential characteristics of the acoustic sources, defined by the artist as "shamanic materials". Ishihara then added other tracks recorded on site, macking use of them both for a live performance hel on February 2, 2023 at the Antiche Ghiacciaie and for an original composition currently installed there, Co-existence, in which the sounds captured in the MAO resonate in the Antiche Ghiacciaie in a process of continuous contamination. In this particular venue - cathedral/figurative temple - Ishihara, a modern shaman, records a traditional sound ritual with contemporary sensitivity in an attempt to trascend its intrinsic specificity  and make it universal.

Inside the Antiche Ghiacciaie the screening of the video by Alessandro Muner - showing images of the sculptures included in the exhibition at MAO, is also presented in a monumental installation.

Free admission.