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  • 21 March 2023
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PUBLIC PROGRAM | Evoluzioni sonore

March 21, 2023

PUBLIC PROGRAM | Evoluzioni sonore
a cura di Chiara Lee & freddie Murphy nell'ambito della mostra Buddha10

March 21st 6.30 pm | ANA ROXANNE
Ambient, jazz, hindustani, choral and electronic musical traditions blended in a magical out-of-body experience pondering the mutability of gender.
Ana Roxanne is an intersex Filipino-American composer. She is known for her blend of jazz, choral, electronic, and Hindustani sounds, and thematic exploration of self-concept and gender identity. She works at the interzone of electric meditation, dream pop, and ambient songcraft. Her inspirations span the secular (R&B divas of 1980s and '90s) and the spiritual (Catholic choral traditions in which she was raised and classical Hindustani singing that she learned in Uttarkhand, India), synthesized into a uniquely intuitive sonic language, equal parts atmospheric and ancient, healing and hermetic. Her full-length debut “Because Of A Flower” (Kranky, 2020) germinated gradually across five years, inspired by interwoven notions of gender identity, beauty, and cruelty. The experience of identifying as intersex informs the album on levels both sonic and thematic, from spoken word texts borrowed from tonal harmony textbooks to cinematic dialogue samples and castrati aria allusions. It's an appropriately interstitial vision of ambient songcraft, a chemistry of wisps and whispers, sanctuary and sorrow, conjured through a fragile balance of voice, bass, space, and texture.

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Costo: 15 € intero | 10 € ridotto studenti