Schools | Museo d’Arte Orientale


The Museum Educational Department personnel design and conduct activities for all school ages. Activities are divided into visits to the collections and workshop activities.

The activities target specific age groups; however during visits to the collections the complexity and articulation of the contents of visits may vary to best adapt the specific features of each class, without a strictly age-based approach.

The activities related to the permanent collection focus on the single galleries of the Museum (South Asia and Southeast Asia, China, Japan, the Himalayas, the Islamic countries of Asia) or on themes that encompass several cultural areas.

Other permanent collection activities may complement those related to temporary exhibitions.

In some cases, visits to the collections are broadened and completed by projecting images and short video clips to reconstruct the original settings of works or describe their special features.

Workshop activity takes place in a classroom environment and involves the use of different materials, from paper to fabric to less conventional materials like clay or spices, tea and coffee.

In some cases workshop activities - including the active reinterpretation and discussion of the collection - take place in the exhibition galleries. In this case, new technology can also be used. It can become a useful tool to encourage individual and more conscious engagement with the works, and it is also a means to provide participants with a user-friendlier image of the Museum.